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Innovate, Educate, Elevate

Innovative & cost effective technology and content solutions

Exam Paper Creation Tool

(Create Exam Paper & Worksheets Just in 10 minutes)

Create Exam Paper & Worksheet

Easy Drag & Drop technique

In Compliance with Board Syllabus & Exam Guidelines

300,000+ All Types of Questions

No need of Questions Typing & Proofread

Automatic Layout Adjustment and formatting

Detailed Step by Step Answer Keys

Highly enriched Question Tagging i.e. Difficulty, Nature, Marks etc.

Covers 40+ Subjects incl. Language, Theory, Practical, Maths etc.

From Class 6th to Class 12th (all streams covered)

Questions from Prominent Reference Books (RD Sharma, DK Goel) etc.

Additional Features in School Premium Plan

Unlimited Exam Papers, Unlimited Worksheets

Regular update in content as per syllabus change and board pattern change

Regular update in technology & platform

No Additional Hardware / Software required

Dedicated Call Support by our Expert Team

Teachers can add their own questions

Teachers can also modify already available questions in the platform

Access Control Security: Teachers rights management for exam paper security

Our Clients Love Us

Mass Edu Tech's Exam Paper Creation tool is a game-changer for us teachers! I used to spend a hefty two hours crafting exams, but this tool has made it a breeze, cutting it down to just 10 minutes. The interface is super easy, and the question bank is a lifesaver.

Sunkara Murali Krishna

Effortless! The streamlined quiz management at Spark Learning has freed up valuable time, turning my classroom into a more engaging space. It's like having a helpful friend who simplifies things for me. This tool has added a touch of simplicity and effectiveness to my teaching routine, making every day at Spark a positive and enriching experience. I'm genuinely delighted with the positive change it brought to my teaching approach!

Shoji Jose

Mass Edu Tech's Exam Paper Creation tool has been a game-changer for our school. As a principal, implementing regular assessments is key, and this tool has made the process seamless. With a simple interface and a diverse question bank, we can now efficiently test students regularly, gaining valuable insights into their performance. Kudos to Mass Edu Tech for providing a solution that empowers our educators and enhances the overall learning experience for our students. Highly recommended for fellow school leaders!

Deepak Gupta

Mass Edu Tech made teaching at Sandeep Tutorials easier. Now, we quickly set up 11th-grade physics tests. I really like it!

Alka Upadhyay

Crafting topic-wise class tests used to be time-consuming, but now it's a breeze. The user-friendly interface and rich math question bank have transformed my teaching approach, saving time and ensuring quality assessments. Kudos to Mass Edu Tech for helping Sigma Classes set a new standard in math tutoring assessments! Highly recommended

to fellow educators!

Manisha Rawat

Using this tool at Omega Learn is like finding a helper on my teaching adventure. It makes handling quizzes super easy, giving me more time with my students. I'm really happy about the good things it brought to my


Neelam Jain

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